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VitaPlus Ltd.

VitaPlus Ltd has been contract manufacturing, representing and distributingdietary supplements, medical devices, dietary foods for special medical
purposes and cosmetics since 2004.

It is a Hungarian-owned company, the owners and the management accumulated considerable experience in national and multinational companies. The main area of activity is the Hungarianmarket, but our products are directly or indirectly marketed in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Hungary, we dispose of a nation-wide distribution. Corresponding to the product profiles we provide a full coverage in pharmacies, drug stores and grocerystores.

We support the pharmacy sales with a dedicated team visiting the pharmacies on a daily basis. The tools and the skills of the team permit us to represent the products of other companies, too. To this end, in recent years, as a host we supported the market introductions and distribution of guest products of both domestic and foreign companies.

Our activity covers the full vertical spectrum of the supply chain: from product development through market introductions and promotions we manage all processes. Applying our marketing know-how, with already elaborated products and compositions we seek to find the optimal manufacturers to produce our products. Afterwards we manage the market introduction and the
required marketing activities. In case of represented (guest) products, we provide the most professional attention to their market presence and sales.

The company’s main development engine is innovation. We believe we can obtain and maintain the confidence of consumers only through continuous product improvement and innovation. Regardless of whether it is an own or guest product, we always undertake the distribution of products that are up-to-date and meet the customer’s requirements and expectations.
Hence our products contain additives only when absolutely inevitable. In addition we do not use any artificial colorants or flavors. If applying preservatives proves indispensable, we only sell products in which the preservatives have no confirmed side effects. We apply the same method in case of sweeteners.

In case of own products, we strive to apply scientifically verified active ingredients and quantities. To do so, if necessary, we collaborate with Hungarian research institutes, universities and clinics. We only make product claims that are supported by scientific evidence and comply with current laws and regulations. Consequently, we never wake imaginary expectations in the consumer.

Next to innovation, flexibility is our key strength. Quick decision-making and adjusting to our partners’ needs characterize our company. We respond swiftly to market trends and we are ready to adapt our organization to their needs. Accordingly, we are always equipped for new tasks and new engagements so that we can successfully represent the products of our partners.