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Welcome to VitaPlus

VitaPlus Ltd has been contract manufacturing, representing and distributing dietary supplements, medical devices, dietary foods for special medical purposes and cosmetics since 2004. It is a Hungarian-owned company, the owners and the management accumulated considerable experience in national and multinational companies. The main area of activity is the Hungarian market, but our products are directly or indirectly marketed in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Hungary, we dispose of a nation-wide distribution. Corresponding to the product profiles we provide a full coverage in pharmacies, drug stores and grocery stores.

We support the pharmacy sales with a dedicated team visiting the pharmacies on a daily basis. The tools and the skills of the team permit us to represent the products of other companies, too. To this end, in recent years, as a host we supported the market introductions and distribution of guest products of both domestic and foreign companies.

Featured products

The MagnExpress® Forte product – distributed by the Hungarian-owned company, VitaPlus Ltd. – won the renowned prize “Best New Product Award” on the Vitafoods™ Europe Exhibition in Geneva.


Product contains fish oil and fatty acids (EPA, DHA) derived from it, together with magnesium and vitamin B6. EPA and DHA contribute to the proper heart function.


Product contains 3 different magnesium types. Sea magnesium has been extracted from the seawater by special process. It consists of 3 magnesium compounds.


A Successful tender of VitaPlus Ltd in EU supported Research and Development VitaPlus Ltd aimed to develop a protective effect beverage for workers of mental and physical labor. According to our market research there is no such product in Europe or the United States. To develop the product, we collaborated in defining the exact composition with the Central Food Science Research Institute in Budapest and the ophthalmic clinical doctors of the Semmelweis University II. Being a unique, hitherto non existing product, extensive literature research and market tests had to be done. The research identified the effects and symptoms of long-term mental and hard physical work. The prevention and relief of symptoms and deficiencies was in the focus of the final composition. The composition of the Protect P effervescent and granules is the first scientifically supported product in Hungary made for the aforementioned purpose. The Protect P, as a protective beverage, is specially recommended for all physical workers. Taking it regularly is safe, side effects are not known. Free of dyes, preservatives and sugar in order to protect the health of consumers. The two different forms of the product, i.e. the effervescent and the granules in sachets may satisfy all employee needs. They differ only in the carbon dioxide content of the liquid solution. The sachet granule allows you to take with you even a single dose to your workplace if this is the only way to consume it. For the office workers we created a product which targets at the most common problem of sitting in front of your monitor. It is the eye fatigue which is in the focus. This is known as “office eye syndrome” which affects almost everyone sitting in front of their monitor. However, the research literature clearly demonstrates that the ingredients of the Protect M formulation effectively contribute to the reduction of the symptoms of OES. In fact, the literature suggests that the ingredients play a role also in the prevention of the macular degeneration (cataracts). We can confirm that both types of protective beverage preparations give a response to so far neglected, ill-treated or untreated problems. These aspects of the working conditions have been completely ignored, notwithstanding it can provide for employers concrete benefits by allowing employees to be healthier and the number of sick leaves to decrease.

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